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Hadith about health

Hadith about health

Hadith about health are given here





 – “ There are two blessings that most people do not appreciate: physical health and free time .”
(Tirmidhi, C.2.

2 – “( When you enter your house) close your door with basmala. Because the devil cannot open a door that is closed with basmala. Turn off your lamp by reciting the basmala. (Again) cover the mouth of your containers with basmala, even with a piece of wood that you put across. Cover the mouth of the water container by pulling the basmala . Because the devil can’t open the locked door, he can’t untie the mouth of the doors, He can’t open the closed bowl. (If you don’t quote) the mouse will burn people’s house or houses .” (Abu Dawud, C.4, H no:3731-3732) 3 – “ Ten things are in the nature: using a miswak, keeping the mustache short, cleaning the mouth with water, taking water into the nose, keeping the beard long, cutting the nails, cleaning the armpit hair. circumcision, shaving, washing the place of ablution 

(Nesei, Ziynet, C.3.

4 – “When the rough dog is bandaged, wash it seven times, the seventh with earth .”
(Abu-David, C.1.

5-  “ Remembrance of Allah is definitely a cure, and remembering people is a disease.”
(Ramuz El Ehadis, C.1.

6-  Be careful! I am informing you of both your disease and its medicine.  Your disease is sins . The cure is istigfar . (Ramuz El Ehadis, C.1.    

7 – “ Whoever among you is healthy in body; fearless and peaceful of himself and his property; If he wakes up in the morning with his daily food with him, it is as if all the blessings of the world were gathered in him ”
(Tirmidhi (A. Shining), H no:2346)


1 – “When Esma was brought to a woman who was suffering from the heat of a febrile illness (fever) for her treatment, she would immediately pour the water into the patient’s collar. And then  the Messenger  of Allah (pbuh) said:
“ Cool the feverish disease with water. He used to say ”
(Bukhari, Tıb, C.12.

2 – “The severity of fever is the boiling of hell. You cool him with water.”

(Muslim. C.7.

3 –  “ ‘Malaria’ is a very severe disease like the raging of hell. Relieve the patient by cooling with water . (Tirmidhi, C.2.

4  – “If one of you catches a high fever, let him pour cold water on him at dawn for 3 nights .”
(El-Metalib ul-Aliye, C.2. H. no:2406)


1  – Talha has narrated as follows: One day, I went to the Messenger of Allah (saas). He had a quince in his hand. He said: “ Take (eat) this, O Talha. Because quince, without a doubt, relaxes the heart.”
(Ibn-i Mace, H. No: 3369)

2  – Jabir bin Abdullah gave the Prophet (saas) a quince he had brought from Taif. The Prophet (saas) said: ” This relieves the sadness and distress in the chest, and makes the heart shine .”
(Rudani,  C.3.


1  – ” At medicinal two things to continue: honey and the Quran.” (Ibn-i Mace, C.9 .   

2  – “Whoever takes a spoonful of honey in the morning, three days a month, will not suffer major illness.” (Ibn-i Mace, C.9.   

3  – A man came to  the Messenger of Allah (saas) and said, “My brother has a stomachache”.
The Messenger  of Allah (pbuh) said: “Make him  drink honey syrup “.
After making him drink honey syrup, he came again and said:
“O Messenger of Allah! I drank honey syrup, but the stomachache increased.”
Thereupon, the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said : ” Drink honey syrup again “. The man drank. Then he came again and said: “I drank the honey, but the pain did not go away, it increased.” Thereupon, the Prophet (saas) said: “ Allah’s word is true , his brother’s stomach has lied. Drinks honey syrup 

” said. That person also drank honey syrup again and his brother got well.
(Bukhari, Medicine, C.12.

4  -“ Healing is in three things: drinking honey syrup, having blood drawn, cauterizing with fire. But I forbid my Ummah from cauterizing it with fire .”
(Bukhari, Medicine, C.12.

5  – The Messenger of Allah (saas) treated Said bin Muaz for his arrow wound by cauterizing him . (Abu Dawud, C,4, Hno:3866) 

6  – “The best cure for puerperants is fresh dates, for the sick there is no cure like honey .”

(Ramuz El Ehadis, C.2.

7 – “ The pain of the flank (Hasra-renal vein) is from the vein in the kidney. When it moves, it disturbs its owner. Its medicine is hot honey syrup .”
(Ramuz El Ehadis, C.1.

8- Nafi: Ibn Umar, the boils and wounds instead of the honey would take is healing in honey. He would read verse 16/68. (Bukhari, C.12, Hno:7517)       


1 – When one of the household of the Messenger of Allah (saas) fell ill with malaria, he used to order slurry- hasa (soup-meat soup) to be made. When the slurry was made, he would order them to drink it, and he used to say about this slurry dish:  “It strengthens the heart of a grieving person, relieves pain from the heart of the sick, just as it removes the dirt from the face of one of you with water…” (Ibn Majah, C.9.  

2 – Ayşe used to always order telbine to make slurry for the sick and for the person who was sad over the dead person. Because I told the  Messenger  of Allah (saas): “ Surely, telbine slurry gives comfort to the heart of the patient. It also relieves some sadness and grief. “I heard buyururken
(Bukhari, Tibb, C.12.
Tiridi  done, Telbu to spilling over her and was defeated.
 A mixture of oil, cheese, dates and flour. The bread is cut into small pieces and soaked in soup broth, soaked in broth.

3 – He said, “Continue with the useful but disliked telbîne” . The Messenger of Allah (saas) said that when a member of his household was sick, his pot of talbin would be on fire all the time until one of the two sides was finished, that is, until he got better or dies. (Ibn Maja , C.9. Telbu to , the oil and water is made from a cooked slurry nawi. Often, some honey is also mixed into it. It was named ‘Telbine’ because it was white like milk. The people of Mecca call it ‘Harire’. This slurry is similar to pudding. As it is known, Telbîne is taken from the root of leben. Leben means milk. Because this slurry is white, it is compared to milk and named Telbine.  

4 – “ Telbine vaccine is a panacea .”
(El Metalib ul-Aliye, C.2.


1 – “The fact that the hairs grow inside the nose is a guarantee against leprosy. 
(El Metalib ul-Aliye, C.2.

2 – “ Do not stare at lepers constantly .”
(Ibn Mâce, C.9.


1 – “ Man has not filled a worse vessel than the stomach.  A few bites are enough for a human being to straighten his back. If he wants to eat, one-third of the stomach is for food, one-third for drink, and one-third for air .”
(Ibn-i Mace,

2 – “ Do not leave your dinner even with a handful of dried dates. Because removing dinner causes old age and weakness .”
(Ibn-i Mace,

3 – “ Melt your food with the remembrance of Allah and prayer. Do not sleep over food. Otherwise, your hearts will harden. 
(Ramuz El Ehadis, C.1.

4 – “ Three habits require Allah’s wrath. Eating without getting hungry, sleeping without getting sleepy, laughing unnecessarily .”
(Ramuz El Ehadis, C.1.

5 – Hz. Jesus used to say: “As excess of water kills the plant, so too much of the food kills the spirit .”
(Muslim-Jesus, p.156-7)

“  Nigella sativa is a panacea”

1-  Ibn Abi Atik narrated: “I recommend you to use this ‘Habbetü’s-Sevda’. Take five or seven of them and crumble them well. Then drip it in a few drops of olive oil into the patient’s nose from this side and that side. Because Aisha says she heard the following hadith from the Prophet (saas): “
There is no doubt that this ‘Habbetü’s -Sevda (nigella sativa) is a cure for every disease, except sam.”
“I, what is Sam? “said.
“Sam is death.” said.”
(Ibn-i Mace, C.9.

 : Every day, 21 pieces of black cumin are taken, put in water in a cloth and crushed well, and two drops of that water are dropped into the right nostril and one drop into the left nostril every day. On the second day, two drops are instilled on the left and one drop on the right. On the third day, two drops are instilled on the right and one drop on the left.
(Rudani, C.4. 7521)
 One drop is dripped into both nostrils of the nose every day. This continues for three days.

2 – “ Surely there is a cure for every ailment except sam in the ‘black habbe’ (nigella sativa). Sam is death. ‘Black habbe’ is ‘nigella sativa’, which is called ‘şuniz’. 
(Muslim, C.7. 88)

 – Anas narrated as follows: “When Allah’s Messenger  (saas) got sick, he took a handful of  nigella sati ‘ and mixed it with ‘ water and honey ‘ . drank .” (Rudani, C.4.      

4 – “As you know, fungus is a medicine for the eyes . Acve dates are among the fruits of paradise . In the salt that is three örekot of every disease except death healing it is. ” (Zevaid, C.8, Hno.8296) WHAT IS BETWEEN THE TEETH         

1-  “The crumbs of food left between the molars weaken the teeth.”
(Rudani, C.3.


1 – “ Meat is the master of additives, both in this world and in the hereafter. Water is the master of beverages both in this world and in the hereafter. The master of fragrances, both in this world and in the hereafter, is the scent of the henna flower .”
(Rudani, C.3.

2 – “ Allah did not create any disease, we did not cure it. You should drink cow’s milk. Because that milk consists of herbs that carry all kinds of healing .
(Rudani, C.4.

3 – “Cow’s milk is healing, fat is a cure. Its flesh is a disease.” (Zevaid. C.8, Hno:8311)    


1 – “ Continue to draw the ‘surme’ called ismid into your eyes. Because it ‘cleans the eye, increases vision and nourishes the eyelashes’ .
(Ibn Mâce, C.9. 3495)

2 – “ When you go to bed, keep attracting the so-called ismid to your eyes. Because it cleans the eye, improves vision and nourishes the eyelashes .
(Ibn Maje, C.9.


1 – I heated water in the sun , brought him to the Messenger of Allah (saas) to perform ablution, and he said: “O Aisha! Don’t do that! Because such water causes white sickness of people .” (Rudani, C.1.  

2 – “ O Ali! Don’t sit with the sun in front of you! Because sitting in front of the sun is a disease. Taking him behind you is healing .”
(El-Metalib ul-Aliye, Vol.2. Hno:2404)


1- “ You should drink mustard Allah has made in him a cure for all kinds of diseases .” (Ramuz El Ehadis, C.2.   



1 – “Do not force your patients to eat and drink, because Allah makes them eat and drink.” (Ibn Majah, C.9. 2 – One day,  Allah’s Messenger (pbuh) visited a sick man and asked him: “ What do you have an appetite for? ‘ he asked. And the man said: “I would very much like a wheat bread.” Thereupon, the Prophet (pbuh) said: “Whoever has wheat with him , let him send it to his brother “. Subsequently, the  Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him): ” One of your patients when the patient desires to eat something a lot (from him)   you eat ” said. (Ibn-i Mace, C.9. 



3 – Ummul Munzir: He came to me with the Prophet (saas) and Ali with him. We also had bunches of groves and dried dates (date cascades – dates that were dried before they were ripe on a grove tree hung on one side of the house to ripen). The Messenger of Allah began to eat from them. Extending his hand to Ali, he said: “Don’t eat, you are just getting rid of the disease . ” Thereupon, Ali sat down and the Messenger of Allah continued to eat. So I brought them (vegetable) a meal made of turnip leaves and barley . The Messenger of Allah (saas): “O Ali! Eat from this, this is more beneficial for you . ” (Ibn-i Mace, C.9.               

4 – Suhayb bin Sinan-i Rumi: One day I went to the Prophet (saas). In front of him was bread and dates. The Prophet (saas) said, ” Approach and eat “. I also started to eat dates. Thereupon, the Prophet (saas) said to me: “You eat dates even though you have an eye disease . ” Suhayb said: “I’m chewing from the other side,” I said. The Messenger of Allah also smiled. (Ibn-i Mace, C.9. “DISCALE IS NOT INSECTABLE-NO SIGNIFICANT”        

1 – The Messenger of Allah (saas) took the hand of a leprosy patient, placed it on a plate with his own hand and said: “ Eat with trust and trust in Allah. ” Said.
(Abu Dawud, C.4. 2 – When the Messenger of Allah (saas) encountered lepers while passing through Usfan, he started walking quickly: “ If there was a contagious disease, it would be this disease. ” Said. (El-Metalib ul-Aliye, C.2. 2451)

3 – “There is neither contagion of disease nor bad luck. If it were, who infected the first creature that got the disease? 
(El-Metalib ul-Aliye, Vol.2.

4 – “No disease (in itself) is contagious (infection), there is no scum (bad luck), and there is no effect of the crowing of the element and the owl ( thinking -concern-anxiety ), he said. ” Thereupon, a man stood up to him and said, “O Messenger of Allah! A camel gets scabies, then a herd of camels gets scabies from it.” said. The Messenger of Allah (saas): “ It is his destiny. Or who manged the first camel ?” he said. (Ibn Maje, C.9. 

5 – “ Illness is not contagious without the will of Allah, and there is no tiyere (considering something unlucky). I like useful tefeül (to consider something auspicious) .”
(Ibn Mâce, C.9.

6 – “ It is a kind of shirk to consider something unlucky. However, there is no one who does not have the feeling of considering certain things as unlucky. However, Allah removes this feeling with “tawakkul “
(Ibn Maje, C.9.


1 – Allah the Exalted says: “Whosoever I take his eyes off and be patient and expect his reward only from Me, I will not be pleased with anything but Paradise for him .” he commanded. (Tirmidhi, C.2. 

2 – “A believer dies with sweat on his forehead .”
(Tirmidhi, C.1.

3 – “A Muslim does not suffer from ill-health, illness, grief, sadness, torment, or boredom; However, Allah Almighty covers and suppresses the crimes and sins of that Muslim because of one of these calamities .”
(Bukhari, Patient and Medicine, C.12.

4 – The Messenger of Allah (saas) came to a woman who was crying because her child had died and said to her: “ Fear Allah and be patient !” said. The woman said: “You don’t mind the calamity that befell me.” After the Messenger of Allah left there, they said to the woman: “He was the Messenger of Allah (saas)”. The woman was very upset about this, she felt like she was going to die. He immediately went to his door, and when he could not see the doormen, he said: “O Allah’s Apostle! (forgive me!) I didn’t recognize you.” He said:
“(Real) patience comes at the first encounter with disaster .”
(Abu Dawud,

5 – Amir er-Rami said: I was in our country. All of a sudden I saw flags and banners raised for us (and) “What is this?” said. They said, “This is the banner of the Messenger of Allah (saas)”. So I went to him. She was sitting on a dress laid out for her under a tree. His Companions had gathered around him. I sat among them. The Messenger of Allah (saas) was talking about diseases.
If an illness hits a believer and then Allah saves that believer from that illness, that illness will be an expiation for the believer’s sins and an advice to him about what will happen to him in the future. (But) if a hypocrite gets sick and then recovers, he will be like a camel whose owners tie him up and then let him go. He doesn’t know why they tied him up, nor does he know why they let him loose .” he commanded. A man present said, “O Messenger of Allah, what are these diseases? By Allah, I have never been sick (in my life)”. The Messenger of Allah (saas) said:
“Get up (go) from us. Because you are not one of us,” he said.
(Abu Davud, C.4. Funerals. 3089)

6 – “ None of you should wish to die because of a affliction that befalls him. But “O God, keep me alive as long as life is good for me. Take my life when death is better for me .
(Abu Dawud, CHno:3108)

7 – “ When you come near a patient, ask him to pray for you. Because his prayer is like the prayer of angels (acceptable) .
(Ibn Maje, 1441)

8 – Fever was mentioned in the presence of the Messenger of Allah (saas), a man cursed it. Thereupon, the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said to the man:
“ Do not insult the fever! Because fire removes the rust and dirt of iron, and fever removes sins .”
(Ibn Mâce, C.9.

9 – When the Messenger of Allah (saas) visited a patient with fever: “Rejoice! Because Allah says: « Fever is my fire, which I inflicted on my believing slave from his share in the fire of hell ».”
(Rudani, C.2.

10 – “The patient is visited three days after getting sick .”
(Rudani, C.1.

11 – Allah ‘s Messenger (pbuh), the patient would visit three days later . Ibn mace (Rudani, C.2.   

12 – “When one of you puts his hand on the patient’s forehead or hand and asks how he is doing, it is from the whole patient’s visit. All the greetings between you are handshakes .”
(Rudani, C.2.

13 – “ When you enter a patient for a visit, raise his spirits by saying that he will be well, although this word prevents anything, but pleases the patient .”
(Tirmidhi, C.2.

14 – It is sunnah not to make noise and to sit a little while visiting a patient . When the Prophet (saas) was sick, he spoke loudly to those who disagreed with him: “Get up and leave!” he ordered. (Rudani, C.2. 

15 – “For a person, there is such a degree in the sight of Allah that he cannot reach this degree unless he is tested with his health, he reaches it only with that affliction/illness .”
(El-Metalib ul-Aliye, C.2. 2414)

16 – Abu Hurayra and Ibn Abbas: The Messenger of Allah (saas) delivered a sermon to us. (He also included the following statements in his speech): “ Whoever visits a sick person, seventy thousand good deeds are written for him for every step he takes until he returns home, and seventy thousand sins are erased. That person is raised to seventy thousand degrees and seventy thousand angels are given who visit him and ask for forgiveness until the Day of Judgment. Whoever sees the service of a patient for a day and a night, Allah will resurrect him with Halil İbrahim and grant him to pass the line at lightning speed. Whoever rushes for the need of a patient will be stripped of all his sins, like the day he was born from his mother.” One of the Ansar said: “If the patient is a relative or a family member?” He said: “Who can have a greater reward than the one who rushes to see the needs of his relative?!”
(El-Metalib ul-Aliye, C.2. 2435)

17 – The Messenger of Allah (saas) said: “ Any disease in a vein or eye is definitely due to a sin committed. Allah forgives more. 
(Rudani, C.2.

18 – Allah will say on the Day of Judgment: “ O son of Adam I got sick, you didn’t visit me . »
“O Lord, how can I visit You, You are the Lord of the worlds!?”
“ Don’t you know, the man got sick and you didn’t visit him. If you had visited him, you would have found Me next to him . »
“O son of Adam! I wanted you to feed me, but you didn’t feed me.”
“My God! How can I feed you, You are the Lord of the worlds!?”
“ Don’t you know, my slave asked you to eat, but you did not feed him. If you had fed him, you would have found Me with him . »
“O son of Adam! I asked you for water, but you did not give me water.”
“My God! You are the Lord of the worlds. How can I give you water!?”
“ So-and-so, my slave asked me for water, but you did not give him water. If you had given him water you would have found him on my floor now . »
[Muslim] (Rudani, C.2.

19-  “When his slave falls ill, Allah sends two angels to him and says: ‘ Look, what does he say to those who come to visit him ?’ If he praises Allah for his visitors, they (angels) immediately convey the situation upwards and inform Allah (although they know best). Allah also says: ‘If I take the soul of this slave, I will definitely put him in my paradise. If I heal and heal him, I will give him meat better than his flesh, blood better than his blood, and I will cover and forgive all his sins.’ ” (Rudani, C.2.     

20 – Ibn Mas’ud: I went to the Messenger of Allah (saas) and saw that he was trembling with fever due to fever. I took it in my hand and said:
“You are trembling with a severe fever.” Thereupon he said:
” Yes, I am burning as much as two of you (with a fit of fire) “.
“Then you will get two rewards in return,” I said.
“ Yes; For if a Muslim is struck by sickness or any other affliction, Allah sheds his wickedness and sins, just as a tree sheds leaves .”
[Bukhari and Muslim] (Rudani, Vol.2.

21 – Shakîk (b. Salama): Abdullah b. Mas’ud fell ill, we visited him. She wept until she was condemned, then she said: “I don’t cry for my illness. Because I heard the Messenger of Allah (saas) say: “ Illness is an expiation for sins .” I cry because sickness comes at the moment of weakness. During the time of study and effort, this disease did not happen to me. Because when a slave gets sick, his good deeds before he got sick are also written because he couldn’t do it because of illness. (Rudani, C.2. 

22 – “ God makes his slave sick, (and on this occasion) likes to listen to his plea.” His word is from what Allah has sent down .
(Rudani, C.2.

“EVERY DISEASE HAS A REMEDY”   1 – Bedouins: O Messenger of Allah! Should we go to treatment if we get sick? The Messenger of Allah (saas) said: “ Be treated, O slaves of Allah. Because Allah has created a cure (cure) for every disease He has created. However, a disease is an exception .” What is that disease then? When they say, O Messenger of Allah; “ He is old age, ” he said. (Tirmidhi, C.2.


2-  “The best medicine is the Qur’an .”
(Ibn-i Maje, C.9.

3 – “ God has created both sickness and cure, and has created a cure for every affliction. Get treated. But do not be treated with haram. 
(Ebû Dâvûd, Vol.4.

4 – “From Hayyan , the grandfather of Ibn Ebnhur al-Kebir : “Stop the medicine as long as your body tolerates the disease!”  (Rudani, C.4. 7480)  

5 – Abu Hızâme (es-Sa’dî): One day, to the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) (by a man): What would you say about the medicines we use for treatment, the prayers that we use for healing, and the protective things we use for protection ? Do these reverse anything from Allah’s destiny? he was asked. The Messenger of Allah (saas) said: “ These are also from Allah’s destiny. “ (Tirmidhi, C.2.      


1- “Zucchini both feeds the brain and increases the mind .” (Ramuz El Ehadis, C.1.  

2 – “ Pumpkin strengthens the brain. Lentils were recommended in the language of 70 prophets .”
(Ramuz El Ehadis, C.2.


1 – “ If there is anything beneficial in the things you are treated, it is blood removal .”
(Ibn Maje, C.9.

2 – (From Masjid al-Haram to Masjid al-Aqsa) On the night I was taken (ascension), every large congregation I encountered from angels was telling me: ‘O Muhammad, keep getting blood drawn. (Ibn Maje, C.9.  

3 – “The person who has cupping is the best slave of Allah. It refreshes the blood, lightens the back and brightens the eye .”
(Ibn Maje, C.9. 3478

4 – “The Prophet (saas) fell from his horse (once) on a palm branch and his foot came out. (Râvi) Viki said: In other words, the Prophet (pbuh) had him cupped on his feet due to an injury.’ (Ibn Mâce, C.9. 3485) 

5 – “ Hijama is more beneficial on an empty stomach. Getting blood drawn increases the mind, memory power, and strengthens the ability to memorize .
(Ibn Mâce, C.9.

6- The  Messenger of Allah (saas) does not have a person who complains about a headache; “Get blood drawn .” let’s not say. There is no person who whines about the pain in their feet, who says to him, “Apply henna on them .” let’s not say. (Ebû Dâvûd, C.4.  

7 – The Messenger of Allah (saas) had blood drawn from his head and between his two shovels: “ Whoever sheds these blood, it will not harm him that he is no longer treated for another disease by another means .”
(Ebû Dâvûd, C.4.

8 – ‘The Messenger of Allah (saas) had blood taken from his hip due to a pain he had (Was)’ .
(Ebû Dâvûd, C.4.
Ves : It means  bone pain, hip pain, rheumatism.

9 – ‘When the Prophet (saas) was in Ihram, he had blood taken from his head because of a half-headache ( es-Suda-ash-Shakika) he had .’
(Bukhari, Medicine, C.12.


1 – “ Eating watermelon before a meal, washes the stomach as it washes, and removes the disease as it gets rid of it .” (Ramuz El Ehadis, C.1. 

2- “There are ten characteristics in watermelon. It is food, water, good smell, fruit, soapwort, washes and cleans the bladder, washes and cleans the stomach, increases the semen, increases the sexual power, heals the stomach disease, beautifies the skin.
(Ramuz El Ehadis, C.2.


1-  ‘The Messenger  of Allah (saas) forbade using bad medicine .’ (Ebû Dâvûd, C.4. 

2 – ‘The Messenger  of Allah (saas) forbade the use of malignant drugs, that is, poisons .’
(Ibn Mâce, C.9.

3 – “ Truly, Allah has created both sickness and cure, and has created a cure for every affliction. Get treated. But do not be treated with haram .”
(Ebû Dâvûd, C.4. 4 – The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) forbade using alcohol as a medicine. Then he asked the Messenger of Allah (saas) again. The Messenger of Allah (saas) again forbade him. He said: “O Prophet of Allah, alcohol is medicine.” The Messenger of Allah (saas) said: ” No, alcohol is not a medicine, on the contrary, it is a disease.” said.

(Abu Dawud, C,4, H. no:3873)

5 – Tarik bin Suveyd al-Hadrami: O Messenger of Allah (saas),  there are grapes in our country . We extract its water and drink its wine (what is commanded)? said.
The Messenger  of Allah (saas) said: ” No, do not do it ” he said. Then I appealed to him (again) and said: ‘We want to treat the patient with him’. The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said: ” It (wine) is definitely not a cure, but a disease .” (Ibn Mâce, C.9. 3500)  

6 – A doctor asked the verdict of putting frogs in the medicine. The Prophet (saas)  forbade killing the frog .”
(Ebû Dâvûd, C.4.


1 – Abu Hazim: Sahl b. Sa’d was asked, ‘ What was the wound of the Messenger of Allah (saas) in Uhud treated with?’ He was asked, and I was hearing what was being said. Sahl replied: ‘Nobody knows this better than me. Ali was carrying water in his shield and was washing the blood-stained places in Fatima. Then a piece of straw was burned and its ashes were placed on the wound. ‘ (Bukhari, Medicine, C.12.   



1 – “ There is healing in the Acwa (sludge) dates in the high places of Madinah called ‘Aliye’. He is the addict (antidote) in the first hour of the morning .”
(Muslim, Eşribe, C.6.

2 – “ Whoever eats seven Ajwa dates every morning, poison and magic will not harm him that day. 
(Abu Davud, C.4.

3 – Sa’d (b. Ebî Vakkâs): One day I got very sick. The Messenger of Allah (saas) came to visit me and put his hand on my chest; “ You are a heart patient man . Sakîf’s brother Haris b. Go to Kele-de. Because he is a person who deals with making medicine for diseases. (Tell him) Let him take seven of the Ajwa dates of Medina, beat them (together) with their seeds, then put them in water and make you drink .” (Abu Davud, C.4.   

4 – The Messenger of Allah (saas) said: “ Mushrooms are a kind of sustenance like manna without burdens. Its water is also a cure for eye disease. The Acve (Medina-i Münevvere) date is one of the fruits of Paradise and is a cure for the disease of insanity .”
(Ibn Mâce, C.9.

5-  “ Mushroom is a kind of food like manna. Its water is healing for the eyes. Acve dates; It is one of the fruits of Paradise and is a cure against poison .” he commanded.
(İbn Mâce, C.9. 3454-3455)

6 – Abu Hurayra: ‘I took three, five or seven mushrooms or truffles and squeezed them, put the juice in a glass container, rubbed the eye of one of my concubines with it, and it got better.’ (Tirmidhi, C.2.       

7- “The best of your dates is the ‘al-Burenni Date’; cures the disease, a person (who eats constantly) does not become ill. 
(Rudani, C.4.


1 – “ If it were not for the worry of causing trouble to my ummah or people, I would order them to use the miswak during every prayer .”
(Bukhari, Friday. C.2.

2 – ‘When the Messenger of Allah (saas) got up at night, he would rub his mouth (and teeth) thoroughly and clean it .’
(Bukhari, Friday. C.2.

NAR 1– Ali: ‘Eat the pomegranate with its pulp. Because it is the cleanser of the stomach.’ (Rudani, C.3.


1 – Asma bint Umays: “O Messenger of Allah! The evil eye touches the children of Cafer. Shall I read to them with the wish of healing?”  The Messenger  of Allah (pbuh);  He said, ‘Yes, if there was one thing that could pass and change fate, it would be a coincidence  .
(Ibn Mâce, C.9.

2- ‘The Messenger of Allah (saas) used to seek refuge in Allah from the evil eye of jinn and humans and recite prayers. He would seek refuge in Allah from the evil eye of the jinn and then from the evil eye of humans. When the Muavvizetan suras (Nas and Felak) were revealed, he left the other things he read and started to read these two suras .’ (Ibn Mâce, C.9.  

3 – Abu Umama: “(My father) Sahl bin Hunayf was bathing while Amir bin Rebia passed by him and (referring to the beauty of his body): ‘I have not seen any beautiful woman, including the skin of a veiled young girl who has not yet married.’ said. Immediately after this statement, Sahl bin Hunayf collapsed to the ground. Thereupon, Sahl was taken to the Prophet (saas) and said to him:
‘(O Messenger of Allah )! Catch Sahl, who is collapsed to the ground due to the evil eye.’ it was said.  Rasûlullah : “Who do you suspect?” he commanded. They said: ‘Amir bin Rabia’. Rasûlullah (reprimanding Âmir): “For what reason does one of you kill his religious brother? When one of you sees something from his (religious) brother that he likes or admires, he should pray for him to be blessed.” he commanded.  
Then he asked for some water and ordered Amir to perform ablution. Amir also washed his face, arms up to the elbows, knees and lower back, and the Prophet ordered Amir to pour this water, which had accumulated in a bowl, on his head.
Sufyan (one of the narrators) said: According to the narration of Mamer from Zuhri: And the Prophet (saas) ordered Amir to turn that container upside down behind it and put it on the ground.”
(Ibn Mâce, C.9. 3509)

4 – Ibn Abbas: “The Messenger of Allah (saas) is his grandson; He treated Hasan and Husayn by reciting them as follows, and Ibrahim (as) treated his sons Ismail and Ishaq in the same way.” they would command. “I seek refuge in Allah from all kinds of poisonous tans and from all eyes that touch, with all the perfect words of Allah.” (İbn Mâce, C.9. 5 – “If one of you gets malaria, know well that malaria is a piece of fire. Extinguish it with water. Before he is born after the morning prayer, let him enter a river or an stream, stand against the flow of water and say, “In the name of Allah, heal your slave, O Allah, and confirm your Prophet.” Let him dive into that stream three times, if he doesn’t get better three times, let him dive into that water five, seven, nine times. By Allah’s leave, it passes before it reaches nine.”    

(Tirmidhi, C.2.

6 – Aisha: ‘When the Messenger of Allah (saas)  got sick, he used to recite the Surahs of Muavviza on himself and whistle. When his pain intensified in his last illness, I recited (Muavvize surahs) to him and rolled flour with his hand, hoping for his blessings .’
(İbn Mâce, C.9.

7 – “ Most of my ummah will die with the evil eye, except for Allah Almighty’s about human beings and their destiny .”
(El-Metalib ul-Aliye, Vol.2. Hno: 2448)

8 – Rafi b. Hadid: “One day I entered the presence of the Messenger of Allah (saas) . Next to them was a pot of meat boiling. I craved a piece, I took it and ate it. I got sick for a year after eating it. Later, I explained the situation to the Messenger of Allah (saas) and he said: “ There were 7 eyes on that piece of meat . “Then the Messenger of Allah (saas) rubbed my stomach and I threw it out in a green mass. I swear by Allah, Who sent the Messenger of Allah (saas) with the truth, I have not felt any discomfort in my stomach until now. (El-Metalib ul-Aliye, Vol.2. Hno: 2449)  

9 – Abdullah bin Mas’ud’s wife: “An old woman used to come to us and read about humrah (a kind of plague called). We had a sofa with long legs. When (my wife) Abdullah would enter the house, he would cough and call out (to make him feel that he was coming). One day, Abdullah entered the house. When the old reader heard his voice, she hid from him. Abdullah also came and sat next to me and when his hand touched me, it touched a thread. Then: ‘What is this?’ said. I said: ‘The disease (called) Humre has been read into this thread for me.’ said. Thereupon, Abdullah pulled the thread, cut it and threw it: ‘Abdullah’s household does not need to use something that is considered shirk. I heard the Messenger  of Allah (saas) say:
” Ruqyah, evil eye and magic are one (running towards Allah) “.’ said. I:
‘One day I went out and a man saw me. On top of that, my eyes on his side were watering. Since that day, when I have my eyes read, my tears stop and when I stop reading, my eyes tear.’ said. Abdullah: ‘He is the devil. When you obey him, he leaves you, and when you disobey him, he pokes you in the eye with his finger. However, if you had done as the Messenger of Allah (saas) did, it would be good for you and it would be very appropriate for you to be healed: Sprinkle water in your eyes and say: “ This disease will go away, O Lord of the people. Heal. But you heal. There is no healing other than your healing. Grant a cure that leaves no disease .” said.” (Ibn-i Mace, C.9.    


1 – ” NESA  nerves of the healing ArAbi is a sheep’s tail. This tail is melted and divided into three parts, then a portion is drunk daily on an empty stomach in the morning .”
(İbn-i Mâce, C.9.
Nesâ : It is the name given to a nerve that extends from the seat level to the heel.
Al-Muwaffak said: This type of treatment is beneficial for Arabs and those who suffer from the aforementioned disease due to dry air. What is meant by Arabi sheep; It is a sheep that is low in fat and feeds on plants such as cassava and senna in rural areas.


1 – Mughira thousand Şu’b A: eat a day (to prayer) of the Prophet (saas) ‘s I got to the mosque, (I) mosque girince Prophet (saas) (probably me) felt that smell, prayer finished: ” Whoever follows If he eats the garlic plant, he should not approach us (our mosque) until the water runs away from him .” When he completed the prayer, he came to him and said; I said, ‘O Messenger of Allah, you will give me your hand for Allah’s sake. He kindly gave his hand to me, and I took it and brought it to my chest through my sleeve. At that time, I was chest strapped. When I realized that my chest was wrapped; “ You have an apology, ” he said. (Abu-David, C.4.      

2 – The Prophet (peace be upon him) we know as garlic and onions have banned these two plants and said: ” You eat them closer to the mosque. If you absolutely have to eat them, remove the heavy odors from them by cooking them and then eat them .” (Abu-David, C.4. : 3827)  


3 – “ Eat garlic and be treated with it. It has a cure for seventy diseases. If an angel had not come to me, I would have eaten it . “
(Ramuz El Ehadis, C.2.


1 – If you only knew what kind of healing there are in “ Yellow Patience” and “suf” herb !” (Rudani, C.4. Suffâ’ is the name of mustard herb. However, another herb called hurf was also called ‘suffâ’. The equivalent of hurf in our language is “seed of floating grass”. 


1 – The Messenger of Allah (saas) passed by purslane, he had a wound on his foot. He treated the wound of his foot with it and was healed. He said: “May Allah bless you! Let it end wherever you want, because you are a cure-all for 70 troubles, the least of which is a headache.” (El-Metalib ul-Aliye, Vol.2. Hno:2409) 


1- ‘Canana’ and sennut (honey and butter), continue to eat.  Because in these two things, there is a cure for every disease except Sam .”
(İbn Mâce, C.9. Cinemaki is finely chopped and mixed with a little honey and butter and eaten. Sennut: Honey put in a butter bag. Dill. Butter, honey, cumin.

2- To Allah’s Messenger (saas) Esma bint Umeys: “ Which medicine were you using as a laxative ?” said. When he said, “I am using shrub,” the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said, ” It causes severe diarrhea. ” “Then, ‘I started using senna.’ said. “Thereupon, they said: “ If something were a cure for death, it would be ‘cassia grass’ ”. (İbn Mâce, Şükrüm: It is a plant used for diarrhea. It has lentil-like particles. Its root is filled with milk. Its leaves, roots and milk are laxative. According to a tribe, Şükrüm is a kind of plant called yavşan. Sena i: It is senna.   

-Writer of Tuhfe: Physicians advise not to use it, since shubrum causes very bad diarrhea. In Al-Jazari, an-Nihâye: Şübrüm are grains similar to chickpeas. It is cooked and the water is drunk for treatment. According to a tribe, it is a kind of plant called yavşan.

3 – “ There is a panacea in cassia and cumin .”
(Ramuz El Ehadis, C.1. 2575)


1 – “When one of you has a fly in his bowl, that person should sink all parts of it, then take it out and throw it away. Because one of the two wings of a fly has a cure and the other has a disease . “
(Bukhari, Medicine, Vol.12.


1 – “ What a wonderful additive vinegar is.”
(Abu-David, C.4. 3820)  


1 – Aisha: “My mother wanted to make me fat so that I could have intercourse with the Messenger of Allah (saas). Despite all his efforts, I could not gain the weight he wanted. Finally, he made me eat fresh dates and cucumbers, and I got fat in the best way possible .” (Ebû Dâvûd, C.4. 


1 – ‘The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) forbade drinking water while standing . We said: “O Enes! Did he also forbid standing food ?” “ This is the more severe prohibition.” Or he said: “This is worse and uglier !” (Tirmidhi, C.2. 1879)     

2-  Ibn Omar: ‘ We used to eat while walking and drink water while standing in the time of the Messenger of Allah (saas) .’
(Tirmidhi, C.2.

3 – “ Do not drink water with a single drink like the drinking of a camel; but rest and drink two or three at a time. When you drink, say basmala, and when you finish drinking, praise Allah !”
(Tirmidhi, C.2. 1885)

4- The 
 Messenger of Allah (pbuh)   forbade us to drink water while lying face down with lips, without a glass and without palming, and forbade us to grab and drink water with the palm of one hand:Let not any of you drink water with his lips (without cup and without a palm) as a dog drinks water, and should not drink with the palm of one hand, as the people who are angry with Allah drink. At night, he should not drink from it unless he moves the bowl and checks it. Unless, the top and mouth of the container should be well covered. Whoever drinks from a cup with the intention of humility (that is, humility of heart) drinks water with his palms, Allah will write for him as many good deeds as his fingers . The palm is the vessel of Jesus, son of Mary. Because Jesus, throwing the glass, said: Ugh is with this world (or Ugh with the world).”
(İbn Mâce, C.9. : 3431 )
Note :  It is said in Zevâid : There is Bakîyye in its deed. This narrator is a doctor and he narrated this hadith with an’ana.
Ed-Dümeyrl said: This is a munkar hadith. It was narrated by the author only. Ziyad bin Abdi Ilah, mentioned in the inscription, is hardly recognizable. The author narrated only this hadith of him.

5 – ‘The Messenger of Allah (saas)  forbade drinking water from the broken part of the glass and blowing into the drinkable thing .’ (Ebû Dâvûd, C.4.

6 – ‘ Prophet  (SAW),  is EKI ; wood casks, used for wine, indulge ; bitumen , karasakızl A glazed cubes e , dübbâ ; to empty dried pumpkins , hantem ; He forbade putting dates or grape must ( soft drink) in earthen pots with a glazed rim on the side .’ (Muslim. C.6. 37-1995) Any beverage quickly becomes intoxicating in these containers. Vessels made of stone and yellow (bronze), like these four vessels, do not accelerate the conversion to alcohol.             

7 – “ I forbid you from wooden barrels, pitched pots, pots and zucchini (in which wort is poured) and grub with its head cut off. But drink from the leather water bowl, then tie it up .”
(Abu Davud, C.4.

8 – “ Keep your musts in leather containers ”.
(Muslim. C.6. 55-1997)

9 – “ Forbidden  making and storing soft drinks in pitched containers, zucchini and wood casks . If a vessel to make sherbet for the Messenger of Allah (saas) could not be found, a large vessel carved from stone would be made .’ (Nesai, C.3. 5553) 

10 – “ I forbade you from sherbets, except for leather cups. Now you can drink any kind of captain. But do not drink intoxicating drinks .”
(Muslim. C.6. H. No: 65-1998)

11 – The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) used the miswak crosswise, sucked the water and drank it, taking three breaths in between, saying: “This is more palatable, more protective and better ” (Rudani, C.3. 

12 – Ibn Abbas: I saw the Messenger of Allah (saas) drinking water, he drank it in three breaths . ‘O Messenger of Allah! I said, ‘You drank the water in three breaths. He also said: “ Yes, drinking in three breaths is more healing and more beneficial and healthy for the throat .” (El Metalib ul-Aliye, C.2. SESAME OIL 

1- It has been reported that the Messenger of Allah (saas) gave sesame (oil) as a medicine to his nose . (El Metalib ul-Aliye, C.2. SALT  

1 – “The head (master) of your additive is salt .”
(Ibn Maje,

2 – “ When you are going to eat, start with salt and end with salt; because salt is a cure for 70 diseases. The chief of these are insanity, leprosy, stigma, molar pain, sore throat, stomachache .”
(El Metalib ul-Aliye, C.2. Hno:2350)


1 – “You should eat raisins. Because it removes bile, phlegm, strengthens the vessels, relieves fatigue. It beautifies morality, gives relief to the soul, and removes sadness .
(Ramuz El Ehadis, C.2.


1-  Ümmi Kays: I treated my son’s tonsil disease who was breastfeeding myself. When I entered the presence of the Prophet (saas),  the Messenger  of Allah (saas) said to me:
‘ Why are you trying to cure your children’s throat disease by squeezing and hurting them? Keep using this ‘Ud-i Hindi’. Because there are seven kinds of healing in this ‘Indian plant’. He has the cure for Zatu’l-Cenb’s disease. He is snorted for a throat disease called uzre. For Zatu’l-Cenb’s disease, it is given orally (with water) and given to the patient to drink . ”
(Muslim, C.7.  Uzre : Inflammation and swelling of the tonsils. It is also called Ud-i Hindi (Kust) , Buckthorn grass . Ud-i Hindi

is blacker and more active. Also called buckthorn grass . It is used in the treatment of pneumonia by taking it orally by soaking it in water in the treatment of swollen tonsils by sniffing like snuff. Ud-i Bahri is white. 

2 – The Messenger of Allah (saas) entered Umm Salama. Next to him was a boy with blood oozing from his nose. The Messenger of Allah (saas): “What is this?” asked. Those present replied: ‘His throat is uncomfortable’. Thereupon, the Prophet (saas) said: “ Why do you torture your children; It is enough for one of you to take turkey grass, rub it with water seven times and put it in the mouth of the patient .” Ravi says: They did what the Prophet (saas) said and the child was healed.
(El Metalib ul-Aliye, C.2. PLACE


1 – “Whoever has sick camels should not let these camels pass the camels of the owner of a healthy camel.” (Ibn Maje, C.9. 

2 – “ If you hear that there is taun in a place, do not enter it. If it happens where you are, don’t run away from it .”
(Ebû Dâvud, C.4.  3103)

 Ferve b. Museyk: O Messenger of Allah (saas), we have a land called “Ebyan” in our hands. This is the land of our farm and crops; and there is plague in this land. Or the plague here is very severe. What would you recommend me to do? I asked. ” It’s leaving. Because death comes from staying close to such contagious diseases .” (Abu Dawud, C.4. 3923) 

4 – “ Leave the place of the plague completely! Because there are also diseases that destroy people. 
(Rudani, 5 – The messenger of Allah (saas) mentioned the plague and said: “ This is such a punishment or torment that some nations have been subjected to it. Then some of it remained on earth. Sometimes it goes, sometimes it comes. Hearing that he is in a country, do not go there. If he happens to be in the country he is in, he should not leave to escape from it !” (Rudani, C.1.

6 – “ If you hear that there is a plague in a country, do not go there. If you are in a place where there is a plague, do not leave !” Thereupon, Umar praised Allah and then left.
(Rudani, C.2.


1 – ‘When the Prophet (pbuh) was injured on one side or a thorn pricked on one side, he would put henna on that place .’ (İbn Mâce, C.9. 3502)     

2 – The Messenger of Allah (saas) ‘s maid Selma:’ The Messenger of Allah (saas), knife wounds, stones and bumps from occurring in a wound upon wound if it condemns me to put he ordered me. ‘ (Tirmidhi, C.2.        

3 – Selma al-Hadim: When any of their families had boils  and sores , the Prophet (pbuh) used to order me to put ‘henna’ on that wound .’ (Rudani, C.4.    

4 – “It is close to henna, because it has a nice smell and relieves headaches .”
(El-Metalib ul-Aliye, Vol.2. 2408)


a-Eating More than 1 Meal a Day

1 – Aisha: When the Messenger of Allah (saas) noticed that I ate two meals a day, he said: “O Aisha! Do you wish you had nothing to occupy you but your stomach? Are you going to fill the world in your stomach? Eating twice a day is a waste. Allah does not like the wasteful.” he commanded. (Beyhaki, Şuabu’l-İman 5/26 (5640)) (M.Yusuf Kandehlevi, Hayatu’s- Sahabe Muhtasar, Vol.2, p.83) 

2 -” The Messenger of Allah (saas) would  personally help people and mend his clothes with leather. He did not eat both morning and evening meals for three consecutive days until he met his Mevla-yı Müteal. That is, if he ate in the morning, he did not eat in the evening, and if he ate in the evening, he did not eat in the morning .” (Munziri et-Tergib 4/94) (M. Yusuf Kandehlevi, Hayatu’s- Sahabe Muhtasar, Vol.1, p.245) 

b- About the Karah of Eating Much

1-  “ The real cause of many diseases is overeating. 
(C. Deaf, 1/36)

2 – Atiyye bin Amir al-Juheni: While I was insisting that Salman eat a little more than he ate, I heard this: “(The amount I eat) is enough for me. Because I heard the Messenger of Allah (saas) say: “The person who eats the most in the world is the one with the longest hunger on the Day of Judgment.” (Ibn Mace, H. no: 3351)  

3 – Abu Juhayfe: I ate tirit meal made with fatty meat and went to the Messenger of Allah. In his presence, I was burping because I ate too much.
Allah’s Apostle: “Abu Juhayfa go burp away! Those who fill their stomachs in this world will starve for a long time in the hereafter.”  he commanded. Indeed, Abu Juhayfa did not eat until he was full until he died after this incident. If he ate in the morning, he would not eat in the evening, and if he ate in the evening, he would not eat in the morning.
(Abu Nuaym, Hilye 7/256) (M. Yusuf Kandehlevi, Hayatu’s- Sahabe Muhtasar, Vol.2, p.83)

4 – Abu Hurayra: An unbeliever guest came to the Messenger of Allah (saas) and ordered a sheep (milked) for him. The sheep were milked and the guest drank. Then he ordered another sheep (to be milked). The sheep was milked and the guest drank it too. Then another sheep and he drank that too. Finally he drank up to the milk of seven sheep. Then, in the morning of the next day, he became a Muslim. The Messenger of Allah (saas) ordered a sheep (milking) for the guest. The sheep were milked and the guest drank. Then he ordered another sheep (milking) for him, and the guest could not complete it. Thereupon, the
of Allah (saas) said: “The drink of the believer descends into one intestine, and the drink of the unbeliever descends into seven intestines.” (Tirmidhi,(OZ Mollamehmetoğlu), C.3, Hno:1879)

5-  Aisha: “ After the death of the Messenger of Allah (pbuh), the first calamity seen among this ummah is the scourge of satiety. When Muslims’ stomachs are full and their bodies become fat, their hearts weaken and their lusts become raging !”
(Munziri et-Tergib, 3/100) (M. Yusuf Kandehlevi, Hayatu’s- Sahabe Muhtasar, Vol.1, p.247)

6- “I will recommend you five traits so that Allah can perfect your good habits.
Do not gather so much that you cannot eat, do not build a house in which you will not live, do not quarrel with each other for the benefit of the world that will come out of your hand tomorrow, beware of the punishment of Allah, in whose presence you will come, and eventually go to the abode of the hereafter, where you will stay forever.

(Al- Hindi, Kenzu’l –Ummal 1/476) (M. Yusuf Kandehlevi, Hayatu’s- Sahabe Muhtasar, Vol.1, p.93)

7-  “ Melt your food with the remembrance of Allah and prayer. Do not sleep over food. Otherwise, your hearts will harden .” (Ramuz El Ehadis, H. no: 934, p.119)

8 – “ Three habits require Allah’s wrath. Eating without getting hungry, sleeping without getting sleepy, laughing unnecessarily .”
(Ramuz El Ehadis, Hno:3340, p.373)

9 – “Lokman said to his son: “O son! Do not eat after you are full! It is better for you to throw that food in the dog, rather than doing so.”
(Musennef, C.10, Hno:19539)

c- How much food is enough to eat

1 – “You are the most beloved to Allah; Those of you who eat less are those who are light in terms of body ”
(Kenzu’l Ummal, 3/7084)

2- “Fast so that you can be
healthy  (Feyzül Kadir, 4/212)

3-  One day, when Aisha started to cry in the presence of the Messenger of Allah, the Messenger of Allah said: “Why are you crying, Aisha? If you want to be with me in the hereafter, enough sustenance is enough for a traveler to carry. Beware, don’t get involved with the rich!” (Al- Hindi, Kenzu’l –Ummal, 2/150) (M.Yusuf Kandehlevi, Hayatu’s- Sahabe Muhtasar, Vol.2, p.83) 

4 – Abu Hurayra: ‘One day I left my house and went to the mosque. The only reason I went out was hunger. I met a group of 7-8 people from the Companions of the Companions in the Masjid.
‘No, Abu Hurayra, what is it that takes you out at this hour?’ they said.
‘Hunger,’ I said.
‘By Allah, we came here from hunger.’ they said. We all got up together and came to the presence of the Messenger of Allah.
“What is the reason for you to come at this hour?” asked.
‘O Messenger of Allah, hunger!’ we said. Thereupon, the Messenger of Allah (saas)  asked for a plate of dried dates.
“Eat these two dates each and drink water on them. That’s enough for you today.”  he commanded.
(Ibn Sa’d, Tabakat 4/329) (M. Yusuf Kandehlevi, Hayatu’s- Sahabe Muhtasar, Vol.1, p.256)   

5- Allah Almighty said: “My slaves cannot wear a more effective quilt in Katim than a little food quilt.”
(Ramuz El Ehadis, Hno: 4092, p.457)

6-  Mikdam Ibn-u Ma’dikerib: “The son of man has not filled a vessel (from his stomach) that is more harmful (evil) than his stomach. A few bites are enough for a human being to sustain himself. If (exceeding this amount) is unavoidable, then; one third for his food, one third for his drinking, and one third for his breath .”
(Tirmidhi(OZMollamehmetoğlu), Vol. 4, Hno: 2486, p.119) (Ibn-i Mace, 3349)   

7 – Jabir: The Messenger of Allah said: “Food for two is enough for four, food for four is enough for eight.” (Muslim, Esribe 179, (2059)) (Tirmidhi, Et’ime 21, (1821)) 

8-  Abu Hurayra: The Messenger of Allah (saas) said : “The food of two people is enough for three people, and the food of three people is enough for four.”  (Tirmidhi,(OZMollamehmetoğlu), C.3, Hno:1880)  

9-  Affan to us: “A believer does not eat by stuffing his stomach. His will is always under his arm !”
(Câmiu’s Sağîr, 1/13) (Sünen-i Darimi, Hno:3180)

10 – Jabir bin Abdillah: The Messenger of Allah (saas) said: “Do not leave your dinner even with a handful of dried dates. Because removing dinner causes old age and weakness.” (Ibn-i Mace, 3355)    

11-  Uqbe b. Amir al-Juheni: The Messenger of Allah (saas) said: “Do not force your patients to eat and drink, because Allah makes them eat and drink.” (Ibn-i Maje, C.9.   

12-  Wild Ibn Harb al-Habashi: The Companions of the Messenger of Allah (saas) said: ‘O Messenger of Allah! We eat, but we are never satisfied (what should we do)?’ Thereupon, the
Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said: “Why don’t you eat separately?”  asked. They said ‘yes’.
 The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said: “Then get together for your meal (eat together by setting a table), and start your meal by mentioning Allah’s name (saying Bismillahirrahmanirrahim). If you do so, your meal will be blessed for you.” (Abu Dawud, Hno: 3764) (Ibnu Mace, Et’ime 17, (3286))  

13- Ibn Omar: “The food crumbs between the (molar) teeth weaken the teeth. ” (Rudani, C.3. 

14 – Ibn Abbas: The Messenger of Allah (saas) said: “ Do not drink water with a single drink like the drinking of a camel; But (resting) for two by three (internally). When you drink, say basmala, and when you finish drinking, praise Allah !
(Tirmidhi 1885](Rudani,  Vol.3.

15-  Tabarani, Mu’cemu’l-in Kebtr: ” The Messenger of Allah (saas)  miswak he used transverse contained absorbs water, (meanwhile) taking three breaths to say:” This is more appetite transmitter, more protective and better ! ” (Rudani, C.3.     

16-  Hz. Jesus used to say: “As excess of water kills the plant, so too much of the food  kills the spirit .”
(Muslim-Isa, p.156-7)

 17 – More from Enes: ” Because the food container asks for forgiveness for the one who licks and washes himself, and says: “May Allah save you from the fire, as you saved me from the devil .”
(Prof. Dr. İbrahim Canan ,  Kutub-i Sitte, C.11, Hno:3887)

18-  “It is wasteful to eat whatever you desire and desire!”
(Ibn-i Majah, Et’ime, 51)


1 – The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) forbade rukya. Then Amr b. The sons of Hazm came to the Messenger of Allah (saas) and said: ‘O Messenger of Allah! Indeed, we had a rukya. We were doing it against the scorpion. You also forbade Ruqya.’ they said. And they showed him this rukya. Thereupon,  the Messenger  of Allah (saas) said: “ I do not see any harm. Whoever among you can benefit his brother, let him benefit immediately!”  they ordered.
(Muslim, C.7.

2 – “ Present your rukyas to me. As long as there is no shirk in making rukyas, there is no be’s in rukyas ”. (Muslim, C.7. 2200)

3 – ‘The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) gave permission to do rukya treatment from the poison of every poisonous animal .’ (Bukhari, Medicine, C.12. 

4 – “ There is no positive effect in any disease other than the sting of the eye and the sting of poisonous insects .”
(Abu Dawud, V.4, Hno. 3884)

5 – “The most beneficial breathing is the one due to the evil eye or the sting of a poisonous animal. ” (Ibn Mâce, C.9.

6 – ‘ The poisoning of the poisonous animal, the evil eye, the moisture (boil) allowed rukya (breath) ‘.
(Ibn Maje, C.9.

7 – “ There is no ruqya (enchantment) other than eye contact or poisoning or bleeding, ruqya stops bleeding .”
(Abu Dawud, V.4, Hno. 3889)

8 – When a person is sick or has boils or wounds ; The Messenger of Allah (saas) put his finger on the ground and lifted it up , wishing for healing by saying , “In the name of Allah, with the saliva of some of us, this land of our earth is to heal our sick with the permission of our Lord .” (Muslim, C.7.    

9 – The scorpion stung a man and the man could not sleep that night. Then it was said to the Prophet (saas): A scorpion stung such and such a man and he could not sleep that night. Thereupon, Allah’s Messenger (saas) said: “ Know that when that man goes in the evening; If he had said, ” I seek refuge in Allah’s perfect words from the evil of what He has created,” no scorpion’s sting would have harmed him until the morning .
(Ebû Dâvûd, C.4.

 – The Prophet (pbuh) had his companions lead the noon or afternoon prayer next to a wall with many stones. When he was sitting in the second rak’ah, a scorpion came out and stung him. He passed out. People began to read to him, when he sobered up, he said: “God healed me, not your reading .” said. (Rudani, C.6. 

11-  A scorpion stung the Messenger of Allah (saas) while he was praying . When he finished the prayer: “May Allah curse! He does not leave the person who prays or anyone else alone.” He said. Then he brought salt and water . He rubbed it where he stung it . On the other hand, he recited the surahs ‘Kul yâ eyyü-hel-kafirûne, Kul eûzü bi-Rabbil-felak and Kul eûzü bi-Rabbin-nas’. ” (Rudani, C.6.       


1 – “ One of the prophets complained to Allah about weakness. God ordered him to eat eggs .” (Ramuz El Ehadis, C.1.


1 – Eat ‘olive oil’ and rub it. Because it is the product of a blessed (fertile) tree. 
(Tirmidhi, C. 2. Hno:1851)

2 – The Messenger of Allah (saas):  “For the treatment  of zatuljanb (lung membrane inflammation-water collection)  ; He praised the mixing of vers (Yemen victory plant), kust (the plant called buckthorn) and olive oil and giving it to the patient’s mouth.”
(Ibn-i Mace, C.9.

3 – “ He used to recommend using ‘olive oil’ and ‘vers’ a ‘yellow and fragrant herb’ against pleurisy .”
(Tirmidhi, C.2.

4 -“ O Ali! Eat olive oil and rub it on your body; For whoever rubs olive oil on his body, the devil will not come near him for 40 nights .”
(El Metalib ul-Aliye, H. no: 2377)

5 – “ You should pay attention to this blessed tree. Olive oil. Treat it. Because it cures hemorrhoids .”
(Ramuz El Ehadis, C. 2.


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