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Rules for being a successful student

Rules for being a successful student

Information about the rules of being a successful student is given here




Education and training begin in infancy. This situation is like the steps of the ladder, it continues uninterruptedly until a person matures.

While stepping on the steps of this ladder towards the top, our feet must be firmly on. A good infrastructure, determination, effort, clean, clear, comfortable consciousness, a well-designed plan and program are needed for our feet to be firmly on. For example: A child who has reached the age of 12 is capable of taking secondary school lessons. A child who has reached the age of 15 is capable of taking high school lessons. The subjects are in order from easy to difficult. Each time the upper grade is passed, the lessons go from superficial to detailed. So how can a student be successful. How can we be beneficial to our environment while being successful. Come on. Let’s deal with the subject together, let’s list the rules for our students to be successful.

1-We have to attend our school every day regularly, the absent student cannot be successful, because every subject is interconnected like a part of a chain, it does not accept gaps.

2-We should listen to our teacher carefully at school, ask our teacher about the part that we do not understand and clarify

3- When we come home, we should first rest and have dinner, then repeat our lessons that day in order. The next lesson is directly related to the lesson taught that day, so when each lesson is repeated every day, it will be remembered quickly in the exam.

4- The Ministry of National Education has designed the textbooks for each lesson from easy to difficult, a student who did not understand the previous subject well will not be able to understand the subject correctly.

5- When an upper class is started, a student who understands the course of the previous year well and the concept will not have any difficulties.

6-Verbal lessons contain a structure based on knowledge by rote. It will be easy to memorize when comprehended and learned. However, numerical lessons include both knowledge and memorization and the ability to use reasoning and reasoning. Therefore, the formulas of each subject must be learned well, memorized and applied. consists in the adaptation

7 – If you get bored while studying at home, we can not continue the lesson, take a break and rest, we can deal with other things for a short time. Then the boredom will disappear, so we can continue my lesson.

8-We must have breakfast before going to school or at school, otherwise learning awareness will weaken and learning will not be provided.



We said that education and training starts from infancy. Parents protect them, both educate and teach them, and do them with compassion, mercy and love. Thus, good educators set an example for their children. their teachers teach them how to behave and address their friends, elders and their environment… Now let’s list how a successful student can be.

1-He should treat his parents with respect, respect and love, listen to what they say and keep to it.

2- They should be respectful to their teachers, friends and elders at school and should not say bad words.

3- Male students should greet their fathers, friends, teachers, elders and acquaintances when they meet, and ask for their goodness.

4-Female students should be respectful to their parents, relatives and elders, ask for help and pray for goodness. Because the studentship will continue until the university is over.

5- Parents and relatives should say positive words to our students, help them in choosing a future profession, give them an opportunity, and make sentences that will increase their effort and perseverance.

6-Students who have not received good education and vision will be aggressive, disrespectful, abusive. This is a proven result reported by authorized institutions.

7- Students who get a good education will be peaceful, they will be appreciated around them, they will be good and exemplary people.

I wish you to be a successful student with good morals.



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