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Evil eye (eye contact) prayer

Evil eye (eye contact) prayer

Information about the evil eye and the evil eye prayer are given here






What is evil eye? It is the situation where a person looks carefully at the person, object, or any entity in front of him for a while with hatred, envy, negative bad feelings, intuition, intentions and thoughts. The main source of evil eye is the feeling of envy. we should say mashallah and berakallah to what we see

It is the short form of the sentence ” Maşallahne”: “What Allah wants happens, what He does not want does not happen “.

The purpose of saying Masha Allah when the abundance of a property, the beauty of a person or a pleasant feature of anything is admired means “O Lord, this is what you wish, nothing comes together without your help, no beauty will happen, no abundance”. it does. And it also means that without Allah’s will, permission and permission, no harm can come to that loved thing or to anyone.

As a matter of fact, in the Noble Qur’an, in verse 188 of Surat al-Araf, “(O Messenger of Allah!) Say: I have no power to do myself any good or harm except what Allah wills…”.

Evil Eye Verse in the Qur’an

In the name of Allah, the merciful and the merciful

    “When those disbelievers heard the Zikr (Quran), they would almost roll over you with their eyes . Still (out of his hatred and envy), ‘There is no doubt that he is a madman.’ they say. verse 51 of the pen 

   “And when he envies, envy – from the evil of china (I seek refuge in Allah).


     According to what is reported from Ibn Abbas, Hz. The Prophet (saas) said: “The evil eye ( eye contact) is real. If there was anything that could get in the way of fate, the evil eye would get in front of it…”

Hadith sources :(M5702 Muslim, Salam, 42)

    Hz. According to what Aisha reported, the Messenger of Allah (saas) said: “ Seek refuge in Allah (from the evil eye). Because evil eye (evil eye) is real.” (IM3508 Ibn Majah, Medicine, 32)
     According to what is reported from Ibn Abbas (ra), Hz. The Prophet (pbuh) prayed for Hasan and Husayn and took refuge in Allah with the following words: “Auzü bikelimati’llâhi’t-tammeti min kulli satanin wa hammet wa min kulli aynin lammet. ” ( seek refuge in Allah’s complete words—his eternal will and judgment—from all kinds of devils , vermin, and evil eye ) Then, “Your father Abraham would also pray this prayer for his sons , Ismail and Isaac.” he would say. (B3371 Bukhari, Anbiya, 10)
   According to what Abu Huraira narrated, the Messenger of Allah (saas) said: “Whoever makes a knot and then blows on it, he has worked magic. Whoever does magic has committed shirk. And whoever wears something ( evil eye, etc.) to protect himself , he will be transferred to the protection of the thing he wears.” (N4084 Nesai, Battle, 19)
The Messenger of Allah said: “O servants of Allah, be treated; Allah has also created a cure for every disease He has given.” (Abu Dawud, Medicine 1)
ir day Allah Messenger of Companions in conjunction with Mecca toward the road had been. A Cuhf Near Harrer called first when they come to place a well – ree they met. The Companions of Madinah Sahl b. Hunayf wanted to bathe here . Sahl was a handsome , white -skinned person. Meanwhile Medina first hijra community of the Companions of the Amir b. Rebia saw Sahl and suddenlyWords of praise poured out of his mouth . Immediately after, Sahl collapsed to the place where he was. Those who saw the situation hastily Hz. They reported to the Prophet . Sahl, what deal flow lift – tired nor foot could stand. Probably Âmire the sight of it was worth ken – say to. The Messenger of Allah (saas) asked them who they suspected . They said, “Amir b. Rebia looked at him.” they said.Messenger-i Ekrem (PBUH), Âmire the immediate well – na summoned angry manner, “Why are you killing his brother one?” He said and added: “When one of you sees something in his brother that he likes and admires, he should pray for him to be blessed.”
     One day precious wife of believers mother, Umm Salama’s house, benzyl yellowed girl when he saw, “This child was worth consideration, he immediately rukye (reading therapy) learn.” he commanded.
 Again Compassion Prophet, eye he loved as grandchildren Hassan and Hussein, “euzu bi-kelimâti’llâhi’t- Tammet Is Satan’s ashes to ashes and Hammet and min’s Lammet’s the same.” Every kind of evil, from the pest, evil evil from God’s word to complete (the infinite will and judgment), I take refuge. ) With a prayer Almighty God’s protection referral has,
 Later, Felak and Nas suras were sent down. Our prophet started to read these suras.
    Hz. The Companions of the Prophet Uqbe b. He said to Amir : ” Didn’t you see? Tonight, unprecedented verses were sent down: Kul eûzu bi-rabbi’l-falak and Kul eûzu bi-rabbi’n-nas ” (Muslim, “Musafirin”, 264)
    The Messenger of Allah explained that the Surahs Felak and Nâs were the most beautiful prayers for asylum and recommended that they be read a lot (Dârimî, “Fezâilü’l-Kur’ân”, 25.
Evil Eye Prayer
Bismillah Rahman Rahim permanent Falaq )1( from the evil Ma )2( moral evil Ahamed Ahamed ghasq hehehe vqb )3( evil alnfasat alqd )4( Ahamed no evil jealous jealous hehehe)
Bismillahi’r-Rahmani’r-Rahim.  1- Gul a’uzu bi-Rabbi’l-falak. 2- Min evil ma halak. 3- And min evil ghâsik izâ vekab. 4- And min şerri’n-neffâsâti fi’l-ukad. 5- And min sharri hasidin iza envy.
In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious and Merciful.  1- Say: I seek refuge with the Lord, who breaks through the darkness and brings forth the morning, 2- From the evil of what He has created, 3- From the evil of the night when it gets dark, 4- From the evil of those who blow on knots, 5- And from the evil of the envious when he is envious. (I seek refuge in Allah).
Surah NAS


1- Gul e’ûzu bi-Rabbi’n-nâs.

2- Meliki’n-nâs.

3- Allah’s-nas.

4- Min şerri’l-vesvâsi’l-hânnas.

5- Ellezî yuvesvisu fî sudûri’n-nas.

6- Mine’l-cinneti ve’n-nas.


In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious and Merciful.

1-  Say: I take refuge in the Lord of mankind.

2-  To the owner of the people,

3-  To the (true) deity of the people;

4-  From the evil of that sneaky whisperer who whispers bad things to people.

5-  He who whispers (bad thoughts, doubts) on people’s breasts.

6-  I seek refuge in Allah from the evil of both jinn and human beings.

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